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The Solicitor Finder will help you to find a UBS conveyancing solicitor simply and quickly. By selecting your chosen mortgage provider from a list, you can eliminate all conveyancing quotes which won’t match your bank’s requirements, saving you vital time on your house purchase or remortgage.

Which solicitors can work with UBS?

Mortgage providers won’t just work with any solicitor, they have to be on a set list of preferred partners, making your conveyancing search a bit more complicated. The Solicitor Finder makes the whole process a lot easier by filtering your conveyancing quotes according to which mortgage lender you are borrowing from.

How can I compare conveyancing fees?

You can also use The Solicitor Finder to compare conveyancing quotes according to cost, location and any guarantees you might require. Click here and select UBS conveyancing from the drop down list, then select how much you want to pay, and where you want your solicitor based.

Are you looking for a UBS mortgage?

Not that far into the purchase yet? That’s ok, try this Aldermore mortgage calculator to see how much you could be entitled to borrow.

Ready to compare solicitors?

Try The Solicitor Finder’s handy search engine and get a tailored conveyancing experience for your new property.

Ready to compare solicitors? Get a quote for your purchase conveyancing and find a solicitor who can work with UBS Bank