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The Solicitor Finder helps you find a Paragon conveyancing solicitor by selecting your mortgage provider and excluding any conveyancing quotes which don’t match your requirements. This way, you can save time on planning your house purchase or remortgage.

Which solicitors can work with Paragon?

Unfortunately, mortgage providers can’t work with any solicitor, they have to be on the bank’s list of approved partners, making the conveyancing search a lengthier process. The Solicitor Finder can alleviate the stress of finding a solicitor by filtering your quotes to only show Paragon conveyancing solicitors.

How can I compare conveyancing fees?

The Solicitor Finder can also be used to compare conveyancing quotes according to cost, location and any guarantees you may like to add.

Click here then pick out Paragon conveyancing from our list of mortgage providers, then sort by price and area to narrow down the search even more.

Are you looking for a Paragon mortgage?

If you’re still searching for a mortgage. Try the Paragon mortgage calculator to find out the amount you can borrow from Paragon.

Ready to compare solicitors?

Try The Solicitor Finder and tailor your conveyancing quotes to find the perfect property solicitor for your needs.

Ready to compare solicitors? Get a quote for your purchase conveyancing and find a solicitor who can work with Paragon