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A recent survey has shown that the majority of Brits find selling a property to be the most stressful life experience, even more so than getting a divorce or having a baby. We’ve outlined our top ways to avoid most of the dreaded stress that comes with selling a house.

The study, carried out by Vivo Property Buyers, found that the majority of people interviewed had found the task of selling property even more stressful than the big events of having a baby, starting a new job or getting a divorce.

Due to the long waiting times to get a seller, the potentially confusing and expensive fees and the risk of a buyer pulling out, it’s little wonder that people find this process stressful, but there are some ways to minimise the stress at least.

Price properly

One of the things mentioned in the survey was the general consensus that selling a house could take up to six months. While this could happen, it’s not typical, and we find that if you’ve priced your house competitively, have great photos and in-depth information for potential buyers to browse, and have made sure to advertise the property in a few places, you could find a buyer in under six weeks, and many of our clients have actually seen their house sell in a week or two.

Choose your solicitor wisely

When it comes to finding a solicitor, most people surveyed seemed to think that choosing a local solicitor was the most important factor, but we disagree. The most important factor should be reputation – if your local solicitor takes forever to respond and costs more than average for the same amount of work, how are they automatically better? Local does not always equal good, and you could probably save a lot of money by extending your search to online, where you can read reviews and compare quotes from a number of different conveyancers.

Make sure you have fixed fees

Talking of quotes, there are a few things to watch out for if you’re going to keep your stress levels low while selling your house. The first one is ‘Fixed Fees’. This basically means that when you get an initial quote, that price will be what you pay at the very end and your solicitor won’t add any extra charges on as you go along.

Another guarantee to opt for is a ‘No Move No Fee’ clause, which means that if your buyer pulls out at the last minute, your next conveyancing package is free, so you don’t have to pay twice. This alleviates the stress of hoping your buyer doesn’t mess you around – it might set you back a few weeks but at least it won’t cost you any extra.

All of the solicitors we work with at The Solicitor Finder are reputable, have great local knowledge and offer Fixed Fees and a No Move No Fee guarantee. Search for a conveyancing solicitor today and see what kind of stress-free quote we can offer.



Published 22 / 9 / 2016

Ellie in Conveyancing